Welcome pet lovers!

I’ll tell you how to provide security for your pet in times of need. Whatever you do, don’t buy the VPI Pet Insurance. Instead, open an account for your pet and put this money away. You’ll thank me someday.

My experience hasn’t been what I have expected with the VPI Insurance, far from it.

I became a victim of the insurance scam. I call it a scam. You can come with other names for it as you wish. I believed their brochure, and the peace of mind they promise you when you sign up.

Let me tell you, I have been with them for over eight years, paying monthly premiums, currently close to $35 per month which I thought would provide security in case of an emergency visit. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, I paid a total of $1,100 for a surgery when I ended up in an animal hospital with my pet. From that amount, the insurance covered only a bit over $100.00. That’s it. I was in shock.

I paid for the procedure from my checking account. I used the money that was supposed to be used for my mortgage payment. Then, I submitted the claim and waited patiently for about four weeks, not really worrying that I won’t get a nice reimbursement. I had insurance. I was smarter than people who didn’t own one, so I thought. I was so wrong.  I got back only about 10% of what I paid. I thought it was a joke, but it’s no joke.

It’s a shame that the VPI Pet Insurance is taking advantage of people who love their pets.

Shortly, I’ll be posting the copy of the bill, my receipt for my payment, and the copy of the check they sent me.

Also, I’ll prepare a small movie to show you my poor dog.

What a shame it is for the VPI Pet Insurance to take advantage of human beings who care so much for their pets. So watch out and don’t make the same mistake I did.

Stay warm with your pet/s.

Anna L.

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